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Thursday, December 16, 2010

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                                                                             -Jean Sylvain Bailly

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

last words.....

Today is the last day I shall be able to speak for I will soon be under the guillotine.
Goodbye my beloved homeland......
My favorite sonata composed by a great prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Monday, December 13, 2010

Dechristianization and new calendar YEAH!!

I shall not perceive any word of "saint" nowhere in my nation. 
12 months......three ten-day weeks per month........tenth day of each week a rest day;))
I'm excited about the new REVOLUTIONARY FESTIVALS
aren't you excites????
the new naming of months are so brilliant
HOW FUN!!!!!


Sources I used:
Western Civilization- Spielvogel Sixth Edition

Nice careful you counter-revolutionaries...

Wow! The Committee of Public Safety is amazing. Our republic should not possess any counter-revolutionaries or this committee shall suppress its internal enemies. Girondins are just people who do not understand our nation's current need and situation. I am often confused of how they can bear to live under a forceful and unjust monarch. Radical changes are necessary for the sake of our country. In my opinion, other people with insane minds should also be executed by the national razor. Royalists like Marie Antoinette should not live in the world to interrupt and halt out progress of development. I was delighted when her head became detached to her body. The Paris Commune should be one of the most important administrative system to guide our country through our crisis. The sans-culottes are of the noblest in our country. Their radical thoughts are what I admire the most. I an pleased to see how the Paris Commune came to dominate the political scene of France. Armies are necessary to suppress counter-revolutionaries and to bring naughty cities and districts back under the control of National Convention. In the Vendee, I saw one of the most brutal scene as rebel armies were massively defeated as reflected with this quote "the road to Laval is strewn with corpses. Women, priests, monks, children, all have been put to death. I have spared nobody." I admire Louis Saint-Just adoption of Rousseau's concept of general will that any people who disagree with our changes should all be executed with no class prejudice.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Unbelievable!! Women's March to Versailles

According to history from several centuries behind, women were said to be solely domestic workers. Take a look around the world, no women are having any political rights and role. Women are born to take care of the house and their children. They are of no political use; however, an incidence seemed to be contradicting to this argument. Obviously, the king's refusal of promulgating the decrees on abolition of feudalism and the declaration of rights certainly instigated people's internal hatred to the country's present situation. People came to revolt against the king's carelessness, and in this instance, women did. On October 5, women furiously marched through the Hotel de Ville to demand for bread; however, they were not satisfied and set foot for Versailles to confront Louis XVI and the National Assembly. (The king should be nervous......) Thousands of women were of devilish and pernicious look and armed with a variety of weapons. Women's eagerness and madness can all be reflected through "detachments of women coming up from every direction, armed with broomsticks, lances, pitchforks, swords, pistols and muskets." I was very surprised of how feminine soul can be so outrageous. When they arrived Versailles, women were shouting and crying for their poverty and that their children were all starving to death due to scarce of bread. Louis then promised the raging women grain supplies for Paris thinking that this would calm their protest. Women were not satisfied, however, that this little improvement could barely improve their unbearable lives. They now demanded that the royal family return to Paris. Louis complied and the royal family was escorted back to Paris and the king also accepted National Assembly's decrees. Ironically, women certainly had its position and use in our society; however, this shall not happen again. Women should mainly and solely take care of domestic jobs and should not possess any political rights. What Olympe de Gouges said was indeed bizarre. The king should be executed. He is now a prisoner who tried to betray our beloved country and flee from his responsibilities. He is of no use but just an excessive user of our money. We need to abolish the monarchy and establish a republic!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh right! The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen

Wow! What a development! Say goodbye to the special privileges of the aristocracy and the clergy. Economic crisis will also improve because now everyone needs to pay tax INCLUDING the nobles and the clergy. All men are equal with same amount of freedom now. People are now judged by talent to hold public office! Freedom of speech and press are enacted and arbitrary arrests are outlawed. WooHoo! Most importantly, the monarchy has been limited and that all citizens are to have the right to take part in the legislative process. Yeah citizens! Thanks to the philosophes that our nation can accomplish this major development that will benefit us profoundly and even our next generations. I do admire how the Americans are more efficient than our nation to reach the maximum of democracy and liberty. Their ability to achieve this can be perceived in their Declaration of Independence and American state constitutions. However, this did instigate some dispute over whether this also applies to women or does it only apply to men. In my opinion, women only applies to this in terms of civil liberties; however, they should not be exercising political rights and functions. Women should not participate in political activities. They should be solely responsible for domestic jobs. All women's clubs and meetings should all be prohibited. On the other hand, the brave Olympe de Gouges refused to obey that women should be excluded from political activities and proposed the Declaration of the Rights of Woman and the Female Citizen. When I saw this, I could not bear to laugh. Women and political rights? They just don't come together naturally.

Defect of the Catholic Church

Church, Church, Church! The Catholic Church certainly had its importance; however, that was a few centuries ago. It is of no significance use under current circumstances, thus it should stay out of political problems. The Catholic Church seemed like it was still halting in the the ruling by old order, which was already cliched to be enforced in the seemingly modern French Society. Revolution is indeed necessary in France thus we should eliminate the pillar of the old order. The out-dated monarchical system should not anyhow be considered in this period. I am pleased of the confiscation of the church property and the use of assignats to initiate the improvements to our disastrous economic crisis. We should secularize the church thus remove our burden upon revolution. France should be in a state of REVOLUTION. On the other hand, the new Civil Constitution of the Clergy benefited our society in a very positive way. Bishops and priests now shall be elected by people and paid by the state but not be succeeded  automatically through family relationships. This will bring us a fairer system. On top of this, all clergy were required to swear allegiance to this constitution. I admired the revolution; however, the development was then halted by the disagreements among the popes. I thus was in a very deep concern in regards to this burden against our development. Our development should move for the sake of French people and should not be interrupted by the church.  Damn the Catholic Church. The Church is now our enemy. Any counter-revolutionaries should be suppressed no matter what. Damn of Church!

Who am I? Jean Sylvain Bailly

Here is a little information about me:
I am a great French orator and astronomer who was born on September 15th, 1736 in Paris. Initially I was in love with paintings and writing tragedies; however, under the influence of Nicolas de Lacaille I was attracted into the world of science. From that point on, science became my soul. I examined several scientific observations and revisions including calculating the orbit of Halley's comet. Thus, I was then elected as a member of the French Academy, the Academy of Sciences and, the Academy of Inscriptions. After, I became even more passionate towards the study of science and my accomplishment was followed by two more theories, Essai sur la theorie des satellites de Jupite and  Sur les inegalites de la lumiere des satellites de Jupiter. Through my accomplishments I have gained ample reputation, thus I published excessively after. However, my studies were halted by the FRENCH REVOLUTION.

The French Revolution was indeed chaotic. Foreign problems, excessive use of money by luxurious Louis XVI, and other immediate causes such as the financial crises all kindled the French Revolution that was now well in progress. My career of science however began to fade away as I was appointed to deal with the hazardous situations of the French Revolution. I was elected as a deputy from Paris to the Estates-General and the President of the Third-Estates. My subjects were awfully discontent about the situations and circumstance of the country where they are dwelling in. People were in extreme poverty crying for the need of bread and grain, which were their daily staple. The price of bread, on the contrary, was rising and has exceeded their budget that they could barely afford the bread. Without the bread, people were enduring harsh famine. This, I could not bear to perceive.

My subjects, or the Third Estate of the unbearable French society, were very eager to vote themselves a National Assembly and hastily decided to draw up a constitution hopefully would benefit them. On June 20, which was the day of our meeting, when my companions and I arrived at the meeting place, we found that the door was intentionally locked so we moved to a nearby tennis court and swore an oath. This ensured that a constitution will be written before we would stop meeting. Although my subjects were criticized to not have the legal right to act as the National Assembly, I'd rather care less. However, the First Estate along with the king threatened to dissolve Estates-General. This made me very unsettle.

The storming of Bastille was indeed violent and full of bloodshed. People were killed and the city was in a state of despair. However after this incidence I became the first mayor under the new Paris Commune. The Paris Commune was in favor of radical changes to the revolution, the king to be killed, and the counter-revolutionaries to be suppressed. After, under my commission, the National Guard dispersed the assembly of Champ de Mars. This brought resentment upon myself as people began to repute against my being. I finally decided to reside in Nantes and began writing in solitude. I then once again felt the serene and tranquil part of my life as I wrote several more works. In 1789, I left Nantes and decided to visit my loyal friend Pierre Simon Laplace at Melun. Unfortunately, not for long when I was recognized and arrested......